NBA 2011 playoffs

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NBA 2011 playoffs

Post  Gasman40 on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:23 am

I know some of the guys on here play and follow basketball so who do you reckon is going to be in the final or potentially win the championship?
Right now im hoping Hornets win against Lakers in the game being played right now to push it to a decider. I also want Chicago to make finals more than anything. Derrick Rose is by far my favourite player and i've been following Bulls all season so i'd love to see them pick up a championship.
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Re: NBA 2011 playoffs

Post  capnwpac on Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:16 pm

Well my hopes are that OKC win it all!
I don't think they will this year but as far as young developing teams go, they are looking amazing. Durant + Westbrook has always been a winner, but now with Ibaka getting heaps of blocks and Harden hitting important shots, they will be a dynasty fro next season on.

I think this season it will be the bulls who take it, they have the easiest run into the final, and have the depth to take it home.
Rose is phenomal and with Noah and Deng playing good playoff basketball (of course boozer was always going to be good) they have what you need.

Once the second team hits the court it's all bulls, because Korver is arguable the best shooter in the league.

I'm hoping grizzlies knock out spurs, they had a heart breking loss last game.



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